Roof Leaks & Detection

Roof LeaksUndetected moisture from roof leaks can create serious health issues, promote mold growth and even compromise the structural integrity of a home or building. Mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours. The first step in moisture problem remediation is to quickly and accurately locate and remove all sources of moisture.

Infrared roof inspection is a fast, non-invasive method to discover moisture intrusion within the home or building. This process will result in the replacement of only damaged areas. An IR image analysis will help to better identify and report suspect components and enable the repairs to be done right the first time.

Moisture Detection: Accurately detect moisture behind walls, in ceilings, under carpet and flooring.

Mold Remediation: Control mold by revealing undetected sources of moisture.

Roofing: Detect water intrusion, water saturated insulation in all type roof systems to locate damaged portions of roofing structure.

Mold and unnecessary damage can develop due to a small roof leak. To avoid any problems, property owners should be observant of their roofs, chimneys, ceilings and windows during rainstorms for any signs of roof leaks or water intrusion. If left unattended, a small roof leak can create major damage and contribute to mold growth in a home or office building.

Energy Audits: Perform commercial and residential energy audits by scanning for moisture invasion, heat loss and HVAC problems. Reduce energy consumption, while identifying areas where energy is being wasted, saving you money.

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